Tate Electrical Profile

Tate Electrical was formed in 1995 by Phillip Tate who had a passion to provide clients with a best for value service within the industry.

Since then Tate Electrical has become a Limited company and has introduced Paul Owens to the company who has become a partner within the business and added a wealth of experience to what we do.



Our Views on the Environment

What makes tate electrical so unusual is its ability to think differently about electrical installation and engineering problems.

Tate Electrical takes the time to carefully analyse a projects requirements to ensure that only the most cost effective solution is put forward.

Rather than recommending the most conventional solution, with typically the largest outlay and environmental impact.

Tate Electrical obtains best value for its clients by investigating other options with a view to reducing capital expenditure and cost in use. Not only does this less in more out approach to electrical energy systems benefit the client, but every tate electrical project is carefully assessed for its environmental impact so that society's needs are met too.




Tate Partnerships...

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