Environmentally Friendly

Tate Partnerships are committed to protecting the environment and creating a sustainable future. We are continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact.

Our environmental policy is issued to all our employees and demonstrates our commitment to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, minimize pollution, resource use and waste through the continual improvement of environmental performance in all areas of Tate Partnerships.

By working closely with our clients and supply chain partners, we seek new, innovative and sustainable methods, materials and technologies to reduce the carbon footprint in the built environment.
Our environmental goals:

  • To be a leading sustainable business.
  • To reducing CO2 emissions
  • Minimizing material and fuel waste.
  • Diverting waste from landfill to recycling and energy generation.
  • Better management of water resources
  • Using renewable energy sources.
  • Responsible sourcing and procurement to reduce environmental impact
  • Protecting natural resources

We have found that by improving our own environmental performance we can reduce costs. And because customers are increasingly looking for ways to meet their own environmental targets, we can gain the competitive advantage through our experience and expertise in maximizing the environmental performance of construction processes and buildings.

We are also benefiting from new market opportunities in renewable and energy-saving technologies through our delivery partnership with Strategic Energy.




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